Enrich your conference call with video

WebFlex makes it possible to share presentations, web cams and your computers desktop with all other participants. Read on or take a look at a screenshot.

Video conferencing

Have each participant share his web cam and turn your audio conference into a video conference. For sound the phone is used as telephony gives the best audio quality.

Share a presentation and/or desktop

The presenter can share his desktop and presentations with the other participants. By means of a pointer and a simple drawing tool set he may further clarify his lecture.

Bekijk een WebFlex-screenshot

Switching presenter

Each participant can be assigned as the presenter in WebFlex and gain control over the presentation and desktop sharing.


WebFlex contains a chat window that enables participants to post questions or remarks without interrupting the speaker.

Free and no reservations

The use of WebFlex is free. And reservation-less as usual with newConference.

Start WebFlex

The chairperson opens the teleconference by phone. Than each participant can login to WebFlex.

conference code

your name

Document sharing

You will obtain the best results when you convert your document to PDF-format prior to upload it to webFlex.

More about document formats.

System requirements

WebFlex does not require specific hard or software. A browser with Adobe Flash Player suffices. If you want to share your desktop you also need Java version 7. Check your computer:

Adobe Flash Player on your computer

Java (only for those who want to share their desktop)