A conference call should run smoothly. You do not want to lose time with complicated procedures and technical problems.

The service and quality of newConference resulted in loyal and satisfied customers for more than 13 years.

In full control of your teleconference

The real time control panel allows you to monitor and control your conference call. You can mute/unmute microphones, see who is talking, add or remove participants and more. Not only on your desktop: our website is fully optimized for mobile devices. That is why you do not need to install a dedicated app on your phone or tablet.

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Many extra features for your conference call

Free recording of your teleconference

You can record your conference call and download it afterwards. Free of charge!

Local access numbers in many countries

NewConference offers local access numbers in over 40 countries. In many countries there are even multiple local access numbers.

Global Toll Free access

There are several ways for participants to join a teleconference without telephony costs: Dial-out, Call-me and web-Phone.

Sharing presentations and webcams

WebFlex enables you to share a presentation and webcams. Turn your teleconference in a videoconference.

Skilfull and personal help desk

We are happy to help you in person by phone or email. Our help desk mission is to handle any question or issue the same working day.

Free conference card

With the handy conference card, we provide you with all the information to start a conference call quickly and easily.

newConference card

Excellent audio and always available

The newConference network is continuously monitored with end to end audio measurements. Assuring the best audio quality for you. Our infrastructure is redundant resulting in an availability of nearly 100%.

delay audio globe

No long term contracts

Our challenge is that you want to be a customer and remain one because you are satisfied with our services. And not because you're chained to a long term contract. That is why we do not do that.

You can stop using newConference any time you want.

You are and will remain free.