Global Toll Free Access: Call-me

The participant initiates a phone call to him or herself. This can simply be done via a web page. Or, in case internet access is not available, with the phone.

Call-me via the web

The most user friendly way

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the conference code and your phone number*
  3. Click the "Call-me" button

If the conference call was started you will be called immediately. In the other case (conference not started yet) you are noticed to try again a couple of minutes later.

Call-me by phone

In case you don't have internet available.

  1. Call +31 20 8510 299
  2. Hang up as soon as the phone ringed once or twice
  3. You will be called back immediately
  4. Follow the spoken instructions

Please note: Call-me via the phone only works if your phone number is not suppressed.